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Additional Articles

Major Shortage of Computer Programmers
It's not just the money, it's availability. Even if I had $60,000 to pay a programmer, they're just not applying."

Finding a Balance between Learning and Lifestyle
The decision whether to attend college as a full, half or part time student depends on many
factors. Coupled with this question is the one of employment; whether to work
full-time, part-time or at all while attending classes.

Making Your Own Map - Success at a 2-Year College
Is sometimes assumed that attending a community or technical colleges is 'easier' than attending a
4-year college or university. Not only is this false, the reverse is often true. Community and
technical colleges can be more challanging than their 4-year counterparts.

Taking Advantage of Resources
Community and technical colleges have many resources to offer students.
Here are some tips to take advantage of the services and activities provided.

Selecting the RIGHT College
When a future employer reads your resume, are they going to care about where you went to college?
The answer may suprise you. Once you get past your first job out of college, most employers
give little consideration to the college name on your diploma.

A Consumer's Guide to the Admission Process
Admission methods change from one college to the next. For degree candidates, the selection
process will be more thorough than for non-degree candidates. Most colleges assume that
degree candidates will enter in the fall term, and the selection process becomes a yearly
cycle,in one of three ways: rolling, regular or early.

Back to School
A resource for adults planning a return to college