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The Money Maze Workshop

The Money Maze - finding money for college is a workshop program presented by College Planning Network and hosted by local high schools. These two-hour sessions provide a comprehensive review of the college financial aid process. Money Maze workshops are open to the general public at a cost of $40.00 per family. Fee waivers are available on request. Each family receives a workshop packet, a copy of the 40-page Money Maze Workbook and other valuable materials. Workshop participants may also purchase the Money Maze DVD after the presentation for $20.

The 2 hour Money Maze DVD and 40 page Workbook (book provided to workshop attendees, included in $40 fee)

A new 2 hour DVD of the Money Maze Workshop has been produced and can be ordered with the 40 page workbook. Now in its ninth edition, The 40 page Money Maze Workbook replaces the Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide. Introductory chapters explain federal, state and private aid programs. A scholarship directory includes all awards administered by College Planning Network. The cost of the DVD and Workbook is $39.95.

Please Note: All workshops presented at local libraries are free to the public. These are one hour presentations that provide an overview of the topic being presented. It is not necessary to RSVP or register with CPN for library workshops although individual libraries may choose to have their own sign-up lists.

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