The Tour & Rally

The Rally

The Cascade Classic Rally is a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally with several Monte Carlo sections.  A TSD rally requires that you travel the correct route at the correct speeds, and pass the “checkpoints” precisely on time.   For the Monte Carlo sections you determine the best route to arrive at the destination on time.

You are scored on how closely to the correct time you arrive.  You do not need any special equipment -- only a pencil, paper, and calculator.  Although vintage rally equipment is allowed.  You can find the Rally rules here.

The best advice on how to do well on a rally is “to stay on course” and to “have fun”.

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The Tour

The Tour is designed for those that would rather travel the same route as the Rally but without the pressure of timing and scoring of the Rally. 

An opportunity to drive some of the best scenic backroads
All proceeds from the 
Cascade Classic Rally & Tour benefit the nonprofit 
College Planning Network