College Planning Network (CPN) receives daily confirmation that higher education is a life-long experience. With over 50 percent of the students in college today over the age of 24, adults are returning to higher education as never before. The calls, visits and letters received by CPN from adults, show that while interest in going back to school is high, information to assist in the process is complicated, confusing and often hard to find.

In order to produce Back to School - A Guide for Returning Students, CPN sought financial support. Washington Mutual Savings Bank stepped forward to make this resource possible. Washington Mutual is committed to promoting educational opportunities in our community. This support has allowed CPN to prepare and offer this book to individuals and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Contributions to the book were also provided by Lauren Christman, who assisted in the preparation of copy and the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board through the contribution of information from On Your Way, A Guide for Single Parents, 6/93.

As a local nonprofit organization, CPN is dependent on support from corporations like Washington Mutual and individuals who with their gifts, confirm our mission to "Assist People Seeking Educational Opportunities." CPN receives no federal or state funding, having operated since 1987 on local community contributions. In order to continue offering programs and services to students and families, CPN must expand support from individuals who receive or value our help.

Please consider making a gift to CPN. This tax-deductible contribution will allow CPN to provide assistance to disadvantaged students and families. Contributions may be sent to College Planning Network, Campion Tower, 914 E. Jefferson, Seattle, WA 98122. With your help, access to higher education can be truly available to every member of our community.


Thank you,